‘So Much More’

So Much More

You may only see your eyes in a reflection peering back at you silently from behind your veil,
But my heart sees you, it sees all of you.
 It sees your beauty, your intelligence, your femininity, your spirit.

You may only hear your cries of pain escaping through your gritted teeth while you are held down and mutilated,
But my heart hears you, it hears all of you.
It hears your voice, your pride, your courage, your tenacity.

You may only feel the raised scars peppering your battered body as you dress your wounds,
But my heart feels you, it feels all of you.
It feels your strength, your inspiration, your worth, your resolve.

 You may only see the stone walls and metal bars imprisoning you for daring to suggest your right to freedom,
But my heart sees more than that.
It sees your freedom, your will, your integrity, your power.

You may only hear the gossiping whispers of other women questioning your sexual integrity for daring to walk alone,
But my heart hears more than that.
It hears your determination, your fearlessness, your dignity, your grace.

You may only feel isolation and terror for daring to choose your education over an unwanted marriage,
But my heart feels more than that.
It feels your fortitude, your resilience, your ambition, your love.

You are so much more than what you see,
You are so much more than what you hear,
You are so much more than what you feel,
And you are so much more than even what my heart can comprehend.
You will always be so much more.

~ Kristy Sibanda


For every woman and girl who graces this earth, your beauty, strength, resilience, compassion, tenacity, intelligence and spirit inspires me, and together will endure. Happy International Women’s Day 🙂

Peace and love xoxo